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Dear Landlords: Attracting Millennial Renters is Easier than You Think

The truth is that the young population dominates the largest percentage of renters anywhere in Kenya and the world at large. This is for the simple reason that the youth are in their stages of forming an establishment for life, and this may begin with renting. The question is…how can one attract millennial renters successfully, and thereafter enjoy a great experience with them while garnering immense returns?

Here are some of the key things that you might want to consider if your intention is to attract millennial renters:


One of the prime considerations that any aspiring landlord with the intention of attracting millennial renters should have in mind is the size of apartments. It is worth noting that the millennial renters are not out to look for large apartments. Rather, they are out to look for small, or medium sized apartments, since their convenience does not demand much.  Denver properties proposes a considerable size of apartment, not too large and not too small, for the sake of meeting the needs of millennial renters.


Considering that millennial age bracket falls between 18 and 35 years, it is worth taking location into account. A considerably large population of such people is probably pursuing their higher education. This means that a strategic position to have apartment for millennial renters is close to campuses and universities. A 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Nairobi, particularly one that is close to higher education institution will certainly attract good returns, and will not lose demand at any given time.



The kind of amenities that millennial renters are in search for may not be the same as those applicable for individuals of a higher age. It is therefore important for landlords to consider having contextual amenities in and around the respective apartments. For instance, a 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Nairobi with internet, ample parking, power supply, swimming pools, basketball pitch, and the likes is definitely in context with the young age among millennial renters. In essence, millennial renters are out to look for apartments that meet their needs contextually and in full. It is just a matter of considering what the youth needs and the existing trends.


Definitely this is a very important aspect of consideration. Millennial renters are likely not in the population that makes a lot of returns. They are in essence in the process of establishing their lives. This means a fair budget on 1-bedroom houses in Nairobi or even two bedroom apartments should not be overly priced. An exaggerated price for such rentals may not attract millennial renters.


Having taken into account the above factors, Denver Properties will definitely be of great assistance in helping you market your serviced apartments in Nairobi, houses for Rent in Nairobi, your vacation home in Kenya, and consecutively get the millennial renters that you are pursuing.