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Denver Properties Terms & Conditions

Denver properties encourages you to take some time in reading through the terms and conditions as applicable within our company. The terms provided entail all rights and obligations for our clients. Any changes of the terms and conditions will be communicated on this platform as need arises:

Terms and Conditions

-          This website, or platform is an intellectual property of Denver properties and any content therein is a product of the company.

-          Denver properties is an online real estate platform that provides individuals with an opportunity to list their rental properties seeking quality tenants.

-          Denver properties uses digital method of communication and marketing; hence, the establishment of this platform. The company, however, does not solely rely on this website in selling services and liaising with prospects. As a result, the content aired on this platform may be found on social sites, or an affiliate website of this company.

-          Accessing this platform comes with the assumption that you have agreed to operate within the provisions in the privacy policies of the company. Any operation done on this website, therefore, falls within the obligations and responsibilities that the company grants its visitors. If the terms of this website do not correlate with your standing, you are at liberty to desist from using this website. Violation of the terms and conditions of Denver properties is considered illegal, therefore, subject to legal action.

-          Being a binding agreement, you are at liberty to print a copy of these terms and conditions, but no obligation whatsoever to make any alterations on the same. The sole duty of amending the terms and conditions belongs to Denver properties and no other party. In an instance of need, the terms and conditions may be revised to meet the interests of both the company and our clients. All alterations and amendments will be duly and legitimately communicated via this platform.

-          Duplication of these terms of services may not be allowable to any other individual, or company for commercial use. The contents of this website remains the intellectual property of Denver’s Company, including the contents of the terms of service. Commercialization of this content, therefore, goes against the provisions of the company, hence, subject to legal action.

-          The platform is not subject to any monetary transactions. Any interested buyer is advised to liaise with the company directly through the provided contacts under the ‘contacts’ page.

-          The platform is solely meant to offer a communication arena between prospects, existing clients, and Denver properties. Interested parties are, therefore, granted the liberty to make the necessary inquiries through the platform.

-          Denver properties’ has the rights and obligation to blacklist a member, or terminate membership in instances of violation of the company’s policies, terms, and condition. The company is obligated to uphold utmost integrity, hence, has the duty to break ties with individuals, or companies that go against the provided terms and conditions.

-          Any use of inappropriate language of content in the process of communication, or inquiry is subject to disciplinary measures, which may include blacklisting, or termination of membership. Prospects and existing clients have the right to use the appropriate language of interaction with Denver properties site. Similarly, Denver properties representatives are obligated to use the most appropriate language of communication towards clients. Violation of this term is subject to legal action including a lawsuit.

-          Viewing any of the contents composed in the various pages of the websites puts you under the obligation of agreeing to the terms and conditions of the company. One is rendered a user through opening and accessing any of the content of this website, hence, liable to the user terms and conditions as provided by the company.

-          Denver properties may at times be compelled to use third parties in the process of service delivery. In an instance where the third party is part of the business deal, Denver properties may be have to share client’s details to facilitate service delivery. Personal details may be availed to Denver properties through this website and may be made available to legitimate third parties in liaison with this company for the sake of facilitating easy and convenient service delivery. It may include the process of buying and selling property.

-          Being under the category of electronic communication, Denver properties has the obligation of seeking permission directly from you, in regards to sending of business, or marketing messages. Upon getting your consent, Denver properties will not be against the personal rights of an individual by sharing marketing, business, or any other form of message through electronic means. Individuals are at liberty to terminate subscriptions to mails from Denver properties upon their own will. Information in this case may also be used for profiling purposes. However, this does not violate the privacy policy of keeping the contacts details of individuals private.

-          Denver properties has no obligation to share contact details with illegitimate third parties. In an instance of leakage of personal contact information, the individual in question is at liberty to seek legal channels against Denver properties.

-          Any personal, or organizational particulars, documents, and data provided through this platform are only intended to address personalized concerns. The company’s privacy policy safeguards critical client data, and for this reason such sensitive information will only be put to use based on the respective submitter. By extension, the data provided may be categorically used for communication purposes, including emails, telephone calls, and messaging. The client, or individual in question is granted the sole right to consent on the secondary usage of information submitted through the site.

-          The platform uses cookies for the sake of facilitating easy service to individual clients. Cookies help the company in ensuring simplified and faultless sign-in process, and also in tracking personal activities in the website. Denver properties prospects to keep the cookies option active on the browser to facilitate easy access to various pages. However, you are at liberty to deactivate cookies on your browser depending on your personal preferences.

-          Under the copyright category of the terms and conditions, any content, graphics, logo, trademark, software, and database in the website are an intellectual property of the company under the protection of the international law of copyright and intellectual property rights. Any illegal use of the aforementioned contents of the website amounts to breach of copyright. Visitors to this website are urged to observe the copyright of the aforementioned contents and avoid breach at any given instance. Pursuant to the provisions of the law of copyright, any illegal usage of the intellectual properties of the website will be subject to legal action.

-          No individual, business, or organization has the obligation of using any intellectual property of the website, including the design, pages, or anything else without a formal consent from Denver properties, which must be in writing. Framing this site elsewhere is considered as breach of copyright, hence, subject to the applicable legal actions. In an instance of written consent from the company, the user is granted the permission to use the framing of the website and the pages but this must be pursuant to the terms agreed upon.

-          Denver properties reserves the absolute right to the content of the website, and therefore, no individuals is allowed to reproduce, or duplicate content without the express consent from the company. Permission in this case must be retrieved from a legitimate representative of the company, particularly the higher management. To obtain the permission, users are advised to use the direct contacts of the company as provided within the website. In an instance of declination of permission, any individual, business, or organization must refrain from using any of the contents since there is the absence of legal consent from the company.

-          Backlinks and hyperlinks to this website must not be used without the official permission from the company. The use of hyperlinks to this website without the permission from the respective individuals is considered illegal and against the company’s policies of operation.

-          Denver properties website may contain links that are directed to other third party websites. Denver properties wishes to confirm that the company does not have any right over third party content accessed through the links found in this website. Denver properties further confirms that the company does not in any way advocate, or market the products that may be found through the links to the third party websites. The content of the third party websites remains the intellectual property of the owners and under no binding obligation with Denver properties.

-          Denver properties will not be liable to any damages, or loss incurred through the use of this website. The users are considered to be at liberty of accessing any of the contents in the website, hence, further responsible for any possible negative occurrence including damage, or loss. The company does not offer warranties to the users of the website, hence, it is the sole responsibility of the user to refrain from any activity that may impart damage.